In Memoriam: Fr Thomas Hopko

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David Wagschal

It’s with deep sadness that we learned of Fr Tom’s death earlier today. (See his family’s blog.)  Fr Tom was dean and instructor at St. Vladimir’s Seminary when Tim and I were seminarians.

He lived a good and long life and yet somehow it still seems like he left us a bit early!  I wish we had had a little more time.

Rest in peace, Fr Tom!

“Christ is the morning star
who when the night
of this world is past
brings to his beloved
the promise of
the light of life
& opens everlasting day.”

In Memoriam: Fr. Matthew Baker

About the Author
David Wagschal

I have just learned, with much sorrow, that Fr Matthew Baker, a friend from seminary, died in a tragic car accident last night. Miraculously, his six children, who were in the car with him, survived.

Our prayers, love and sympathies, go to Katherine and the family.  I have numerous fond memories of evenings with Matthew puffing on Hal o’the Winds pipe tobacco and sipping good Scotch as we discussed his research and pondered “great and weighty” theological matters. I’m not sure how much we would have agreed on these days, but I always appreciated his intensity, creativity, and clarity.  What I especially remember was that he was always insistent in those discussion that theology remain conversant (his word) with the culture around it  — which was somehow my “take away” from knowing Matthew.  Thanks, Mat.

Matthew was really just embarking upon his theological and priestly career to serve the church and the communities that, as he often noted, he felt so nourished and loved by.

We’ll miss you Matthew.

A fund has been set up to help the family — please see

– David